The   main   tourist   attraction   of   the   Pieniny   National   Park   is   rafting   of   Dunajec   river. This   is running   from   Poland   and   creates   the   state   border   in   this   very   attractive   area   of   Pieniny.     Near   of   little   village   Lesnica   it   turns   back   to   Poland.   Rafting   of   Dunajec   takes   cca   11   km (there   is   more   platforms)   on   classic   goral   rafts,   but   on   other   rafts   or   boats,   too.   The rafting   service   offer   poland   and   slovak   rafters.   The   most   beautiful   part   of   rafting   is   the Prielom    Dunajca    kanyon    between    Červený    Kláštor    and    Lesnica.    The    most    known natural creation is the rocky hill Tri Koruny (look the pic.). From Hrabušice cca 60 km. Coordinates of Červený Kláštor:   49° 23´ 30˝ N ;    20° 24´ 19˝ E    
Hrabušice village and surrounding Slovak Paradise National Park The tip for the trip - Pieniny National Park