If   you´ll   watch   the   turist   map   of   Slovak   Paradise   National   Park   you can   see,   Hrabušice    village   with   tourist   centre   Podlesok   are   most convenient   starting   point   for   the   trips   to   the   majority   of   its   most   atractiv places.  If   you   plan   some   tours   to   surrounding,   little   town    Poprad    -   the   entrance to   High Tatras   National   Park   -   it   is   only   15   km   from   us.   In   diameter   50   km you   can   find   a   lot   of   natural,   cultural,   or   historical   sights:    national parks   High   Tatras,   Low   Tatras   and    Pieniny,   Spišský   castle ,   historical    sights    of    Levoča     or    Kežmarok    towns ,     caves,    skiing, bathing,   horse   riding,   ZOO . ..   Certainly   all   visitors   can   find   here   something interesting. National    Park    Slovak    Paradise    can    give    you    an    unusual    experiences throughout   the   year:   maximal   impact   of   tourists   used   to   be   here   in   the   summer,   but   try   the   spring   -   waterfalls   floodet   with   water, floods   of   flowers   and   green,   that   will   fade   out   later   in   the   year.   Eventually   autumn   with   astounded   variations   of   colors   of   mixed forest.   If   you   don’t   like   a   lot   of   people   and   rush,   you   can   find   unreal   quietness      of   winter   white   gorges   with   hundreds   of   frosen waterfalls. In   Slovak   Paradise   you   can   always   find   something   new,   than   will   blow   your   mind   away.   So   if   my   address roused   your   interest   don´t   hesitate   and   make   sure   of   my   truth.   The   sea   is   really   nice,   but   no   doubts   the beauty of our mountains is worth to visit and surely it won´t disappoint your expectations.   Excuse me bad English, please. I hope you will understand in spite of it.
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