S a f e t y S a f e t y Rules for visitors Rules for visitors Tracing of hiking trails Conclusion Conclusion Water Water Planning  trips Planning  trips Equipment Equipment Important contacts Important contacts Tourist signs Tourist signs R a f t i n g R a f t i n g Hrabušice village and surrounding Slovak Paradise National Park Useful advices for visitors Tracing of hiking trails: All hiking trails in the gorges are traced as one-way: only in the upward direction, upstream! Descending trails are routed separately. Justify it by the idea of avoiding opposing tourists on a 10-15 m ladder, resp. on narrow horizontal ladders or grids above the stream ... In addition, especially the ascent to the ladder from above during the descent is much more stressful and dangerous. An exception is the Prielom Hornádu canyon. There is movement possible in both directions, but in the narrowest places it is desirable to be considerate to tourists coming in the opposite direction.