Stratenský   kanyon:    It   was   created   by   little   river   Hnilec   and   we   can   to   find   it   between   the   vilages   Stratená   and   Dobšinská   Ľadová   Jaskyňa.      by   the road   No.   67   (Poprad   -   Rožňava).   It   is   1,1   km   long,   confortable   trip   along   the   asphalted   road,   suitable   even   for   wheelchairs.   It   will   serve   not   only   tourists, especially on a longer journey by car, a stop with a pleasant walk through the canyon will definitely fit. The path through the canyon is also a bike path.  
GPS: 48° 52´ 24˝ N           20° 19´ 41˝ E
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