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From   west:         direction   from   Žilina   -   Liptovský   Mikuláš   -   Poprad:   Leave   the   motorway   to   Jánovce   (about 8   km   behind   Poprad),   keep   on   by   old   road   to   Spišský   Štvrtok   (cca   2   km).   There   turn   right   past   the motorest and church to Hrabušice cca 7 km. From   south:      Direction   from   Rožňava   -   Dobšiná   -   Pusté   pole   -   Poprad,   resp.   Červená   skala   -   Pusté   pole   - Poprad:   At   both   of   cases   turn   to   right   10   km   before   Poprad   in   the   Hranovnica   village   and   watch   the signs   to   Hrabušice   (10   km).   It   is   possible   to   come   from   Rožňava   by   short   cut   via   the   Kopanec   mountain saddle   =   turning   to   right   near   behind   of   the   tunnel   Stratená.   But   only   in   the   summer   -   this   road   is   not maintained in the winter ! From   East:     Direction   from   Prešov   -   Levoča   -   Spišský   Štvrtok,   resp.   Košice   -   Spišská   Nová   Ves   - Sp.Štvrtok:   At   both   of   cases   keep   on   by   the   petrol   filling   station   in   Spišský   Štvrtok   past   the   motorest and church to Hrabušice (7 km).   From   nord:      Direction   from   Poland,   Kežmarok:   Nearest   via   Kežmarok   -   Ľubica   -   Vrbov   -   Jánovce,   keep on   to   the   left   to   Spišský   Štvrtok   (cca   2   km),   there   turn   right   past   the   motorest   and   the   church   to Hrabušice (7 km).
Trains:       -   fast   trains   to   Poprad    or   Spišská   Nová   Ves ,   BUS,   TAXI   or   STOP   from   there   less   than   20   km. Other trains to Vydrník station , keep on by BUS (not from all trains!), eventually on foot cca 2-3 km*.   Busses:      long-distance   to   stations   Poprad   (14   km*),   Spišský   Štvrtok   (7   km*),   or   Spišská    Nová Ves (18 km*). Local from  Poprad  or from  Spišská Nová Ves  via Spišský Štvrtok.   Airports:     POPRAD (18 km*), Košice, Bratislava                        * = The distance from Hrabušice.
Access roads to Hrabušice:
GPS:  N 48° 58´ 30˝   E 20° 24´ 31˝
Hrabušice village and surrounding Slovak Paradise National Park A c c e s s